PSP Review: UFC Undisputed 2010

Still as undisputed on a handheld?

UFC Undisputed 2010 for the consoles was a big step forward for the franchise. It seems that the MMA universe is getting bigger in the gaming industry, especially with EA now entering the arena with their MMA game. The PSP version of UFC 2010 is now out, but can it live upto the console counterparts?

This version contains all the standard modes from the consoles, but it’s sadly missing online functionality. It could really have benefited from online matches and leaderboards, but for whatever reason, the team decided not to add it to the PSP version. The controls feel more like button-mashing than the precision found on the consoles, the analog stick pulls off a few moves but lacks the control that it really needs to have. You can still create your own fighter, customise him and use him in the career mode. The other modes like tournaments, title and title defence make a return to the handheld version. The career mode is still as in-depth as its counterpart, but the game feels watered down in comparison.

Obviously, the game looks weaker on the PSP than on the consoles, but it’s not bad for a PSP game in terms of visuals. However, the rag doll physics in this version leave a lot to be desired and there’s a definite lack of detail in the character models. The roster is still as large as it was, but I would personally stick to playing UFC 2010 on either the 360 or PS3. The audio is a mixed bag of good and bad sound effects.

The Verdict

UFC Undisputed 2010 isn’t a bad port on the PSP; it just lacks the style and precision of its bigger brothers. Ad-Hoc support alone is sadly not enough these days and the game suffers because of it. It has its moments, but they are much more fun playing online with the console versions.