PSP Review: EyePet

When a portable game isn’t portable at all…

I was quite excited about the idea of carrying an EyePet around on the PSP; let it enter the augmented reality around you by using the PS Eye camera, but then I played it…

The problem is that the game comes with a card which you have to place on a flat surface for your EyePet to go on, which isn’t ideal for those looking for a portable experience. You’ll also have to move around for some of the activities, which is also pretty awkward for a handheld game. I can understand the reasoning behind why they chose to do what they did, but it would have been best suited to the console version, which I had problems with as well.

You can make your EyePet do activities like treasure hunts; fishing and you can obviously feed it, wash it and send it to sleep. This would be fine, but it’s all been done before on the PS3 version, so it’s hard to recommend to anyone who already tried that version. On the other hand, younger gamers without a PS3 will enjoy EyePet…just as long as they can find a flat surface and room to navigate around.

It’s a pretty simplistic game on the whole, which is fine…it just doesn’t do anything new to the genre that requires you to go out and get the game. Visually, it’s pretty weak and even has framerate issues at times.

The Verdict

EyePet for PSP isn’t the handheld experience it should have been. It can be fun for a while, but you’ll always wonder what its doing on the PSP in the first place.