PS5 Review: Stellar Blade

Should you beli-EVE the hype?

Save humanity from extinction in this electrifying story-driven action adventure, made by Korean developer Shift Up, exclusively for PlayStation 5. Experience blistering combat and a twisting storyline as you unravel the mysteries of Earth’s downfall.

Stellar Blade has made headlines since it was revealed, probably for all the wrong reasons such as EVE’s character design and costumes that are very revealing, but as an actual game is it more than just eye candy?

The story isn’t that much to write home about, but the gameplay is for a lack of a better word, stellar. It feels like a Souls-type but one that can be a lot easier overall, parrying is easier and there are even difficulty options if you think it’s too tough. EVE will explore areas full of enemies that naturally respawn when you rest up, but these also contain chests or doors that require passcodes to enter, which are scattered across as you can imagine.

Combat itself feels fluid and natural, while platforming sections are hit and miss. Luckily, you aren’t severely punished for messing up a jump like you would in a Souls-like, but it still can be frustrating at times. Parrying is essential to victory, though the timing window is long enough to pull it off and nail a decent combo or strong attack against your foe.

Boss fights are superb with some great character models and unique designs throughout. I was immensely impressed with the game’s visuals and how the game never seemed to struggle with its framerate throughout. The voice-acting is pretty good and the soundtrack is impressive too.

The Verdict

Stellar Blade is an amazing game with great combat and stunning visuals. It may not have the most memorable story and the platforming does let it down a bit, but overall it’s well worthy of your time and money.

Score: 9.0