PS5 Review: One More Dungeon 2

Is this dungeon roguelike worth your time?

After a whole day’s journey through the forest, you stopped for a spell and were about to lie down to sleep, when suddenly shadows appeared from the darkness and pounced on you! You wake up in the ruins of an ancient fortress, held captive by giant sentient snails. In exchange for your life, their leader demands that you descend into the ancient dungeon’s depths and destroy the creature that has settled there. It looks like you have no choice but to obey. At least for now… One More Dungeon 2 is a first-person roguelike-shooter in a fantasy setting. As a nameless adventure seeker, you venture into an ancient dungeon full of secrets, traps, and hostile creatures. Use a wide arsenal of magic staves, melee weapons, and forbidden artifacts to fight your way through the crowds of enemies and make it out alive!

One More Dungeon 2 is a first-person hack-n-slash/shooter roguelike. Sounds good so far…but the game itself is ridiculously hard and doesn’t give you much in terms of permanent perks, so you never actually feel like you’re getting anywhere. Enemies can even one-hit you if you aren’t careful. I have two major pet peeves with this game…

The first is the unforgivable mapping of the jump button to R2. I’ve never played any game where R2 is used for jumping and I can imagine most haven’t. The second is the hit detection seems off. It doesn’t help that each run you get a different melee weapon and staff, the latter of which requires crystals you collect to use and are in rare supply. So chances are you’ll be out of them and have to rely on your melee weapon, which again has hit detection issues on enemies.

If you can get a handle on the combat and work around the issues I’ve mentioned, then there is hope for you yet. The visuals are good enough and the game runs at a smooth framerate throughout. The music is also pretty good and overall I didn’t come across any glitches other than the hit detection, if it is indeed a glitch.

The Verdict

One More Dungeon 2 is seriously unbalanced with its combat, what little resources it gives you to push on and overall difficulty. It almost feels like the Dark Souls of Dungeon Crawlers. It’s a shame because the game looks good and handles well enough, but poor hit detection and brutally tough enemies will make most head for the exit.

Score: 5.5