PS5 Review: Justice Sucks

Can you Roomba your way to vengeance?

In Justice Sucks, you play as Dusty, a killer robot vacuum on a quest for vengeance.. When burglars break into the McClean home, Dusty must go rogue to protect his family. Unfortunately, his heroic actions attract the attention of FamilyCorp, and a fight with the warranty squad sends Dusty flying into the living room TV. Waking up In the TV dimension, Dusty must hack, hide and suck his way to freedom. Join forces with your fighting spirit, Sexy McClean and develop deadly abilities to help him defeat FamilyCorp and save his family!

Justice Sucks handles like a combination between hide-and-seek while hacking household objects to kill intruders and then dispose of their bodies and tidy up the mess afterwards, blood and bits included. It’s surprising to see a robot vacuum pull this off, especially when it actually eats the bodies of its enemies, but it is amusing overall. The game handles well as you try to pull these off and the abilities you get definitely help as you try and stop your foes.

If there’s any critique to be had, its that the game is on the short side. But coming back and trying to get better results with other abilities and traps while finding new nooks and crannies for you to hide in is rewarding all the same. You may actually end up forgetting some of the abilities you get as enemies invade at different speeds, but if you can get a grip on the situation and remember what your robot vacuum is capable of, you should prevail with better results in the end.

The art style is great, while the story is heart-warming and amusing at the same time. The soundtrack is also impressive and the performance of the game didn’t drop throughout my time with it. I didn’t come across any bugs, not even ones that I could suck up with my robot vacuum. All in all, I was impressed with what I saw here both in terms of presentation and gameplay.

The Verdict

Justice Sucks is a nice stealthy action game that gets better the more you play it, but it is best done in short bursts so you don’t burn through it too quickly. I wish it was longer, but there’s still plenty of fun to be found here and at a budget price, it’s tough not to suck it up and buy it.

Score: 8.0