PS5 Review: Die After Sunset

Will this game make you wish for death sooner?

Die After Sunset is a 3rd person roguelite shooter with a unique light and darkness mechanic. Conquer 5 unique levels in a single run in this refreshing take on the roguelite genre. With dozens of items, gear, abilities and perks to synergize together on each run, you must prepare yourself to become as powerful as you can before the boss arrives! Fall at any point, and its back to the very beginning…

I enjoy a good roguelite when it’s done well. I really do. Games like Hades and Returnal are highly addictive and incredibly satisfying when you complete a run successfully. Then there are games where you can’t help wondering why it ended up as a roguelite, which sadly is where Die After Sunset falls…

At a first glance, you’ll feel like you are playing Fortnite with it’s bright and colourful stages, but that’s where the similarities end. Having good flowing combat in a shooter is essential, but this game makes it a painful chore. The aiming is all over the place, there doesn’t appear to be any form of rumble which is just bizarre and then there’s just this overall blandness to the game design.

You’ll get missions in an open area where you need to fend off enemies, but these become boring and repetitive right out of the gate. I wanted to find something that would make me want to come back after death, but even the perks you get are very mediocre. It also doesn’t make much sense to have such a big open area for just one player. If they added online co-op, then there might be something to give it some redemption.

The game does look like they’ve taken the visual style of Fortnite and none of the actual shooter mechanics or charm. I’m not exactly a big Fortnite fan, but I can at least appreciate the way it handles and the fanbase it has.

The Verdict

Die After Sunset is a poor third-person shooter with roguelite that tries too much to look like Fortnite. It sadly doesn’t handle anywhere near as well, the shooting is frustratingly painful and the combat itself is dull and repetitive. It’s one of those few games where I actually have to say this…avoid.

Score: 4.0