PS5 Review: Devil May Cry 5 – Special Edition

What’s so special, Dante?

Back in April 2019, I reviewed the original Devil May Cry 5 for PS4 and awarded it a 9.0, calling it “insane, cheesy and brilliant. Just as it should be.” fast forward to November 2020 and I still stand by it, but a new shinier, faster version is upon us with the PS5’s very own “Special Edition” of the game. So, what’s new and is it worth the upgrade?

First of all, this isn’t a Smart Delivery/Free Upgrade deal, so if you want this then you’ll need to cough up the dough. It’s not all bad news though, the game does come with a bit more than just fancier visuals and faster load times.

You can now play as Vergil throughout the campaign and the Bloody Palace mode, and he’s just a blast to play as, personally I think that’s worth the price of admission alone. But there’s more…there’s also 2 other modes, one called Legendary Dark Knight which is a hard-as-nails Horde mode a huge number of enemies to fight and the last is Turbo Mode which makes the game even more intense by increasing the game’s speed by 1.2x.

Then you’ve got the visual treats like ray-tracing, 4K or High-Frame-Rate Mode with support upto 120Hz for those lucky enough to have a TV that can support it. The game looks incredible with these updates and the short load times just make the game so much accessible to pick up, play a few levels or rounds and come back to it without having to wait forever. £35 may seem a bit steep for some for the visual upgrades, but the new content more than makes up for it.

The Verdict

A new playable character, two new modes and vast visual and performance improvements turn DMC5 from insane, cheesy and brilliant to more insane, cheesier and even more brilliant. Recommended.

Score: 9.0