PS5 Review: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake

Is this a case of “Oh, brother…”?

With their father suffering from a deadly illness, two brothers must bravely set out to find the “Water of Life,” the one cure that can save him. With no option for failure the brothers must rely on each other using their individual skills to protect one another and overcome the obstacles ahead in this unforgettable journey. Hailed by critics when it was originally released, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is back! Faithful to the gameplay and touching story from 2013, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake features rebuilt characters and landscapes based on the original and has been updated to the latest generation of graphics, performance, and gameplay. Paired with a re-recorded soundtrack with a live orchestra, prepare for an emotional experience that will take your adventure to all new heights.

Going all the way back to 2013, I reviewed the original Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and looking back at it, I wish I had given it a higher score. Yes, I did find elements of it frustrating but it was also rewarding, endearing and chock full of emotions. My biggest pet peeve was with the controls which I still have some issues with, but this remake dissuades this by actually allowing the game to be played with 2 players in co-op!

It gave me a chance to see the game in a whole new light and begs the question…why, oh why…was this not an option in the original? Playing it this way with my partner was so much more easier and satisfying, plus the new visuals and performance on top? That’s the cherry on top.

And because it’s been so long since the original, I had actually forgotten the majority of the solutions to the puzzles…so it was like going through an entirely new game. I always liked the game, but I have a new appreciation for it with this remake and love the effort they’ve put in here. They even re-recorded the soundtrack with a live orchestra…that’s going above any beyond in my book.

I did come across a few technical hiccups here and there, but nothing game-breaking from my point of view. The framerate is solid throughout and there’s an option for Graphics or Performance, both of which look and run as well as you would imagine for this generation. The updated visuals are impressive and just add to the experience.

The Verdict

A few tech hitches aside, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a superb remake. It fixes my main issue by adding a co-op mode, while improving the overall presentation over the original game. I cannot recommend it enough if you haven’t played the original and if you have, then I still suggest you give it a go…especially with a Player 2.

Score: 8.5