PS5 Review: Brok the InvestiGator

Is this the ultimate “point and kick?”

In a futuristic “light cyberpunk” world where animals have replaced humans, privileged citizens live under a protective dome from the ambient air pollution while others struggle to make a living on the outside. Brok, private detective and former boxer, lives with Graff, the son of his deceased wife. Although he could never elucidate the nature behind her accident, recent events may shed some light on an even more tragic outcome… one that may be linked to their own existence. Will they be able to withstand the threats of this corrupted world and face their own destiny? “Brok” is a narrative-driven game that blends action, puzzles and investigation in never-before-seen ways. Will you use your brain… or your brawn?

Brok the InvestiGator is a blend of typical point-and-click gameplay but also with a combat system that is reminiscent of side-scrolling fighters like Streets of Rage. It’s a weird mixture but one that feels natural, even if the combat itself can be a bit clunky. The good news is that if you aren’t a fan of fighting, then you can skip fighting. The point and click puzzles are typical of the genre and while it doesn’t do anything to stand out, it gets the job done.

I do wonder why it took the developers from the PC release in August 2022 to bring it to consoles in March 2023, but I assume it’s quite a small team and resources meant focusing on releasing the PC version first. The good news is that the console version works perfectly well and doesn’t feel compromised as is often the case with point-and-click games.

The story itself is pretty neat with some decent voice-acting overall. The cartoon/comic style of the game is pretty to look at and the load times between areas are minimal. The soundtrack has some good moments too.

The Verdict

Brok the InvestiGator is a decent point-and-click game with a mixed bag of a combat system, but it somehow works. It may be messy but I think it adds to the game’s charm and honestly, I’d love to see more games like this.

Score: 7.5