PS5 Review: Adore

Adore or a bore?

Draknar, the God of the creatures is losing his power. A curse is spreading and taking control of all his creatures. His last option is Lukha, an apprentice from one of the remaining villages of Adorers. Lukha, during his journey, discovers not only many secrets of the immense and mysterious world of Gaterdrik, but also, a conspiracy to kill Draknar. Adore is a monster taming action roguelite where the main character, Lukha, is able to summon and control creatures to fight by his side in a simple and innovative way.

Adore is a mixture of monster taming, real-time battles and dungeons in a roguelite setting. You play as Lukha who can collect monsters by beating them in battle, then he can unleash them on others to build up his collection. You become dependant on them overall and each has their own unique abilities and design.

The game is set in an isometric perspective and while I have no issue with that, the level design itself is very simple and repetitive over a short period of time. I enjoyed the collecting and the combat, but it does become old quite quickly and can’t really sustain itself over the length of the game.

It’s a shame because it’s a nice concept and it’s not that it does anything particularly badly…it just lacks that killer edge that makes it a game that you want to come back to. In the end, the repetitive nature of the game kicks in and you’ll find it all feeling a bit routine.

The visuals aren’t going to win any awards, but it’s definitely vibrant and the monsters are nicely designed. The framerate is consistent and the load times are short, I also didn’t experience any bugs during my time with the game.

The Verdict

Adore is a nice idea for a game and one that I really wanted to love. Instead, I felt like it had peaked several hours before it ended. It has some neat ideas and it’s far from the worst game, I was just expecting something that didn’t hit that level of repetitive so soon.

Score: 6.0