PS5/PS4 Review: Steel Defier

Can you escape this deadly transport ship?

Are you ready to escape from your tight prison cell? A malfunction in the defence system of a transport spaceship accidentally killed everyone aboard, except for one last survivor… You and your suspiciously orange suit. Explore the maze-like environment around you, moving from room to room, collecting access cards and finding new upgrades for your suit. Use your skills to outmanoeuvre dozens of different hazard types, while also trying to find a way out.

Steel Defier presents you with multiple rooms to explore, once you hit the button to open the next door, you will be faced by the security system which will throw multiple deadly objects your way as you collect key cards to disable it. You can jump over and dodge these mechanical nightmares, but one hit and it’s game over for you. You will get upgrades as you progress such as a double jump, slowing down time temporarily and so on. It’s simple yet addictive as each room is different and gets progressively harder towards the final rooms.

Platinum trophy hunters will be pleased to know that you can complete this in roughly 30+ minutes depending on skill and there’s an extra Platinum for the PS4 version if you want two in around an hour. After beating the main game, you can play an Endless Mode for the final trophy which just wants you to collect 50 key cards, which will be easy for you by then as you know what to expect.

The visual style is simple but charming in its own way. The cutscenes in-between areas are short but do well in giving off a retro style of storytelling. The music is also pretty catchy and pumps you on to clear the room you are in.

The Verdict

Steel Defier is a short but fun game that will award you a Platinum very quickly. I would have loved for the game to be a bit longer but maybe we’ll get a sequel, how about it Viridino Studios?

Score: 7.5