PS5/PS4 Review: Evil Diary

Should you put a lock on this diary?

Mow down hordes of monsters to survive! Survive the onslaught of a post-apocalyptic urban wasteland.

Evil Diary is a 2D shooter where you take out waves of monster/alien enemies until you hit a certain amount of kills, then the next level comes with the same principle and so on. A few levels do change the pattern to waiting for a lift to reach you or surviving till the clock runs down. Shooting is a simple tap of the square button and you have infinite ammo, while enemies will drop powerups such as temporary invincibility, explosives and cash which can be used for a few extra skins.

I will say that you need to be careful not to finish the game too quickly as there’s a trophy for having $2000 collected without being spent. The game takes less than an hour to complete but I did manage to finish it without hitting this threshold and essentially had to replay the entire game again since the last few stages don’t offer any cash drops or powerups. Luckily, the game is incredibly easy and PS5/PS4 owners can nab a double platinum for their troubles if they wish.

It’s a very basic game, but one that does what you would expect from a first glance. It won’t win any awards for its visuals or gameplay, but there’s something endearing about it and I honestly wish it was longer. Also, that soundtrack has some sweet riffs and keeps the blood pumping through your short journey.

The Verdict

Evil Diary is an easy 2D shooter that will nab you two Platinum trophies without much fuss. There isn’t any real reason to come back after, but that rocking OST will stay with you for a lot longer than the actual game.

Score: 6.0