PS5/PS4 Review: Bem Feito

Good job?

“Bem Feito” is a Life Sim where players follow Reginaldo, a charming and almost silent protagonist. Reginaldo’s simple life revolves around his daily household tasks, captivating friends, and perhaps, unexpected choices that subtly shape the course of the game.

When you load up Bem Feito for the first time, it opens up like an OS with folders and files you can access through a desktop interface. There are files that are password protected, an instruction manual for the game and the ROM for an old game called Bem Feito. Upon launching it, the game begins and looks like an old Game Boy title like the original Pokémon where you play as Reginaldo…

Reginaldo wakes up from his bed and approaches the fridge which has a list of chores to do. These involve simple things like sweeping the floor, watering the plants and so on. There are some that aren’t so obvious and the text for them on the list is waving over the screen which looks odd.

You can choose to do these or simply go to bed. Each day you will find a new friend for Reginaldo to hang out with, but if you obey the chore list completely then you will find yourself going down an odd path. Trophies will pop with the password combinations to files on the desktop that give detailed accounts into the “history” of the game and reads like a creepypasta story, there’s even a mention of the game Polybius and the urban legend behind it.

The game feels like a combination of Pokémon, Doki Doki Literature Club and Undertale. The good news is that the game is definitely memorable and thought-provoking. The bad news is that it’s incredibly short. Reginaldo only has 7 days before one of two endings occur and you can reset the game to get the other.

I managed to nab the Platinum in roughly 20-30 minutes, which you can also double up if you play the PS4 version as well. The visuals are simplistic by design, but charming, nonetheless. The characters Reginaldo comes across are well designed and the retro sound effects are a nice touch.

The Verdict

Bem Feito is an incredibly short game but one that will stick with you by the choices you make on either playthrough. The creepypasta stuff is also well done, but I can’t help wishing there was more to dive into.

Score: 6.0