PS4/Xbox One Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

The Beautiful Game returns…

Last year’s PES was a real step forward for the series, as was the year before. It does seem to be getting better each year, and is catching up to FIFA in terms of quality. But can PES 2015 be the one to turn the tide towards the FOX Engine?
As you would imagine, PES 2015 has more or less the same modes as its predecessor including Europa League, Champions League as well as new ones including myClub which is its own version of FIFA’s Ultimate Team, while weekly updates will change team line-ups depending on transfers and the results that the players put in, as well as featuring real managers and a pitch editor to boot. Overall, it’s an impressive package…but how does it play?

Each year, both FIFA and PES claim tighter controls and refined gameplay and each year it’s more or less the same. PES 2015 steps it up a considerable notch by making it actually noticeable, I found myself being able to pass and shoot a lot easier, and that the goalkeeper wasn’t making as many mistakes as in past versions. It’s still a damn tough game, especially if you’re no good at football games like myself…but this time, I couldn’t really fault the controls…instead the only thing at fault was my ability to score.
Visually, PES 2015 looks more or less the same across PS4 and Xbox One, both in terms of resolution and framerate I couldn’t see much of a difference, if any. The game has had a nice visual upgrade thanks to the continued use of the FOX engine from last year, although character’s facial models still pale in comparison to FIFA, and the game still lacks the licenses from the Premier League, but they’ve managed to add Man City’s players by calling the team “Man Blue” which I’m sure will annoy both Utd and City fans alike.

Commentary is spot on as always, it does seem to be getting better and more accurate with whats happening on screen. Music includes the likes of Cold War Kids, Calvin Harris, Imagine Dragons and Avicii, which is a nice addition as well.

The Verdict

While not quite hitting all the marks and still lacking the licenses to make a true stand against FIFA, PES 2015 is a step in the right direction with its refined controls, improved and additional modes, as well as an impressive online to boot. If you’ve not given PES a chance, now’s the time.