PS4 Review: Warborn

Can this turn-based tactics game take the crown from Advance Wars?

Rise up and deploy for battle in the Variable Armour, a technologically advanced suit of war. Featuring turn-based tactics and quick-fire clashes, lead a strike force of deadly mecha towards victory.

Advance Wars was a superb game for the GBA (Game Boy Advance) which spawned a GBA sequel, as well as a DS entry and a Wii spin-off with Battalion Wars. But nothing has come close since then and the last true game for the DS came out in 2008, so it’s been a long time since fans have had a game come close…but could Warborn be it?

At first glance, it would seem to have all the makeup of the Advance Wars games and in terms of gameplay, it almost syncs up, especially with the animations that act out when two units begin fighting. My only criticism is that it isn’t quite as in-depth as AW with it’s different types of units, it’s more simplistic overall and while that isn’t a bad thing, it doesn’t make it stand out from the obvious shadows of inspiration that spawned it, instead it hides there afraid to be bold and that’s a shame, but more than that…a missed opportunity.

The story itself is fairly basic while the visuals are a nice mixture of comic-book/anime running smoothly. The soundtrack is simple, but effective.

The Verdict

Warborn is a decent game and a nice reminder of why Advance Wars was so great, but it doesn’t strike new ground and even takes a few steps back with its simplicity. It’ll definitely please fans of the genre, but they will wonder what could have been…

Score: 7.0