PS4 Review: Tools Up!

Can we fix it? With teamwork, perhaps…

Tools Up! is a party co-op letting you test your renovation and teamwork skills. Paint walls, tear off wallpaper, and move couches against the clock.

If you’ve ever played anything like Overcooked before, then you’ll get the gist of what Tools Up is all about. You work either solo or with upto 3 other players to redecorate rooms with a time limit. You enter the area, find the blueprints to see what work needs done in which rooms and can begin working on tearing off wallpaper or pulling up flooring before painting walls or laying carpet, some of which you may have to wait to be delivered as you go.

Getting a sense of the controls is tricky at first, but after the first few rooms it becomes second nature…the rooms themselves though will challenge you as you try and work to get the job done as quickly as possible without making a mess, as this too has to be removed before you leave or it won’t count. The game is best played in co-op, so you can work together to find a strategy on tackling each level. It’s not for the faint hearted as some will literally drive you crazy trying to work out how to get it all done in the time limit, but it’s good fun overall.

The areas are nice and varied too, with some throwing you a curveball like having to fish your materials out of a swimming pool going around the edge of the property. One thing is certain, you can never get too comfortable with how things work as like I said, you’re thrown a curveball to mess up what you knew.

Visually, Tools Up is basic but charming. You can pick your own character from a few designs and unlock more as you go. They range from stereotypical builders to bizarre animals and so on, the humour here is on point. The load times are short, and the framerate was consistent.

The Verdict

Tools Up! is the most fun co-op experience I’ve had since I played Overcooked or failing that, Cat Quest II…even if that is a totally different type of co-op game. Working together to get the rooms finished against the clock is stressful and mind boggling at times, but when it comes together it’s really satisfying and well worth a go this holiday.

Score: 8.0