PS4 Review: The Walking Dead – The New Frontier: Episode 3 – Above the Law

Into the Lion’s Den…

The two-parter opener for the third season of Telltale’s Walking Dead series was superb, leaving us on a cliffhanger as to how much crap would hit the proverbial fan when it returned, we just didn’t expect the wait to be over 3 months. Javi and his crew arrived at the town of Richmond, ran by the New Frontier group that have killed his niece and shot his sister-in-law, only to be met at the gates by his older brother David who has been missing for years.

With Javi getting so close to his brother’s wife and kids over the years with him out of the picture, plus David being one of the New Frontier’s leaders, tensions are at an all time high. Turns out that the attack on Prescott was orchestrated by one of David’s men, but David had no knowledge of it…which leads to a meeting with the remaining leaders of the group…who aren’t the most trustworthy of individuals, let’s be honest.

It might play out differently for you, but I was ejected from the town after confronting the group over them killing Javi’s niece, but was giving a map to a storeroom to set up in with the other members of the group. Clementine returns on the way, only to shed light on why she left the New Frontier and what happened to baby AJ. No wonder she hates the group so much…

The storeroom is full of supplies from Prescott and other towns, so the New Frontier has been raiding peaceful communities and keeping it from David and the leaders, or have they? It’s hard to tell who to trust at this point, even David doesn’t exactly scream trustworthy…but it seems his authority isn’t as strong as it seems.

The episode ends with yet another cliffhanger as the group return to Richmond to rescue Kate, Gabe and Eleanor who are still there…only to be captured and confronted by the leaders with a dramatic showdown. It’s hard to tell which way the story will go from here, but the good news is that Episode 4 is only one week away!

The Verdict

Episode 3 slows down the pace a little, but establishes more understanding of who is running the New Frontier. All isn’t as it seems and it’s not looking good for anyone at this point. Roll on next week to see just how they get out of their predicament…

Score: 8.5