PS4 Review: The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 4: Take Us Back

Goodnight, Sweet Clementine..

Goodbyes are hard and after years of playing alongside or as Clementine during The Walking Dead, it was clearly never going to be easy. I mean on the one hand, we didn’t even think we’d get the ending to the series after the Telltale collapse but then some preferred that in at least Clem’s story would stay unfinished and we could make up our own ending in our heads, but then the finale landed…

After choosing to get AJ to either spare or kill Lily at the end of Episode 3, the group get off the exploding ship and head back to the school, except heading that way is wrought with danger and it never looks good for any of the remaining members, especially Clem. There’s also the huge impact killing Lily has on AJ if you chose that, in which he becomes cold towards killing in general and even states that he enjoyed doing it, something that shocks pretty much everyone.

At its heart though, the final episode is an emotional rollercoaster and a finale fitting of the series. It leaves you hanging till the end to see the outcome and then suddenly, its all over as the credits of the team are scattered across the walls of the school as you head to bed. But as who? And who survives the finale? I really can’t tell you that, plus it depends on what choices you make, but then the ending is open to interpretation as well with some speculating that it isn’t all it seems.

Visually, the game has been stunning from the first episode and Episode 4 shows no sign of letting the team down. Skybound have done amazing picking up the pieces after the Telltale collapse and deserve a salute for their work in delivering the remaining episodes to such a quality.

The Verdict

As we say goodbye to The Walking Dead, we also say goodbye to the final Telltale game. It’s an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish and leaves me wanting more, only to know it isn’t going to happen. Hats off to Skybound for delivering the finale that fans deserved.

Score: 9.0