PS4 Review: The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 2: Give No Shelter

Can Michonne’s second episode up the stakes?

Episode 1 of The Walking Dead: Michonne concluded with Michonne and her new and old allies captured, accused of stealing supplies from the community. Episode 2 doesn’t waste any time and you all break free, making a run for it to the young girl Samantha’s house…but Sam is suffering an injury from the escape and it’s hard to tell if she is going to pull through or not. Sam’s family are obviously cautious of letting you in, as you hold their member bleeding out in your arms…but finally welcome you in so Sam can get patched up.

The leader of the other community Monroe known as Norma, doesn’t stop in her pursuit of you…sending her brother Randall and his men to hunt you all down. He finally does and dire consequences as he shoots dead a member of Sam’s family before being captured by them and Michonne. Norma contacts them over the radio to discover Randall is captured and offers the group immunity for his safe return or their utter annihilation if he is killed. Randall was quite the wind-up merchant beforehand, but this gives him the chance to really wind up Michonne…ultimately giving her the choice to spare or kill him before the finale which is out next week.

I personally killed him as he threatened to be even worse than Norma’s retribution, so I thought we were screwed either way. Michonne also had a flashback scene where she can’t find her kids in her apartment, it’s good to see that they are still showing her trauma scenes and I hope we get at least one more in the finale. The episode itself is on the short side, but it does set things up for a thrilling conclusion.

The Verdict

Give No Shelter continues the story at a fierce pace that never lets up, it’s over so soon but at least it sets things up for the finale. The choice to spare or kill Randall will be the deciding factor in that episode and it’ll be interesting to see just how different the outcome will be based on that choice. Roll on next week!

Score: 8.5