PS4 Review: The Walking Dead – A New Frontier: Episode 4 – Thicker than Water

Can things get any worse for Javi?




Episode 3 saw Javi and David betrayed by the members of the New Frontier and put in the cells till they decide what to do with them both, it’s not looking good. But the beginning of the episode sends us back in time to when Javi and David were playing baseball in batting cages before the outbreak. It’s weird to go back to a time where the brothers actually got along, sort of. It does add some humanity to David that I didn’t think was there, but time will tell if it comes back towards the end of the season.

David is taken away from the cell to talk with the leaders, while Javi manages to escape with the help of Kate who is still in hiding. Walkers have surrounded the walls of Richmond, so even if everyone regroups…they are still going to be stuck in the town, unless they think of something and fast. In my playthrough, Gabe spilled the beans about me killing Conrad to Tripp…which didn’t go down so well, but the plan still remained simple….gather guns, grab a truck and rescue David, then get out of dodge.

At least that was the plan, until its revealed that the leaders are going to hang David in public for his “crimes”. Clem gets a location for AJ before you either help the doctor kill himself or let Clem choose his fate. After gathering the weapons and truck, we headed to the execution to confront the main leader Joan who has captured Tripp and David’s right-hand Ava, giving you the lovely choice of picking who survives…or does she?

A firefight breaks out regardless of the outcomes, but you can put Joan out of her misery if you want…which let me tell you, was so satisfying. But then Kate brings in the truck and crashes it after a molotov is thrown at it, causing it to explode and blow a hole in the wall so now walkers are pouring through the town before the credits roll. Is Kate alive? I hope so considering she made Javi either admit his feelings about her or not, I went for it personally…I can see how much he loves her and David’s a moron, brother or not…even if it is messy, I expect the fallout to be even messier if she’s still alive for the finale.

The Verdict

The final pieces are in place for what looks like a high-octane finale with walkers galore and plenty of drama on the way. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait months for the conclusion. Roll on Episode 5!

Score: 8.5