PS4 Review: The Little Acre

Charles Cecil and company bring us one more point-and-click outing…

The Little Acre is yet another point-and-click adventure for the PS4, this one puts you in the role of Aidan and his daughter, Lily who are in 1950s Ireland. Aiden tries to look for his missing father, but is accidentally transported to a new world…while Lily follows and has adventures of her own.

The market is full of these point-and-click games for consoles right now, I’m not sure why they all have decided to release around the same time as each other…coincidence, bad timing or on purpose. Either way, it’s hard for any one of these games to offer something unique that the others do not, which is why I question the current flood of them.

The Little Acre has something the others do not though…it has Charles Cecil of Broken Sword fame working with Pewter Games Studios to deliver a hand-drawn approach to the art style that is definitely unique. In terms of story, The Little Acre is definitely charming and the voice-acting is spot on. The game itself does well to impress too, with some clever puzzles and memorable locations. The characters are impressive too.

The Verdict

The Little Acre has an impressive force behind it, with Charles Cecil at the helm and the impressive visual style…but it doesn’t re-invent the genre itself and finds itself muddled together with a horde of other just as good point-and-click games. But still, it’s charming and worth a look if you’re struggling to pick a good adventure.

Score: 7.5