PS4 Review: Resident Evil Revelations

Revelations gets the HD+ treatment…

After the amazing Resident Evil 7 and with the wait for the final set of DLC to arrive, we get yet another port to tide us over in the form of former 3DS exclusive Resident Evil Revelations. The game already saw ports on the older consoles, but now it’s also hit the PS4 and Xbox One. Switch versions of both Revelations 1 and 2 are also on their way for Nintendo fans.

For those unfamiliar, Revelations is set in-between Resident Evil 4 and 5 and puts you in the boots of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield with 2 companion characters. The story itself is fairly decent and while it can’t really compete with the greatness of RE7, it’s still impressive overall. If you played the older versions of the game, don’t expect anything new other than a higher resolution version with improved visuals and the full set of DLC for the game’s Raid Mode.

Despite saying that, some textures from the 3DS version still remain and look dated when we know the hardware is more than capable of doing better. Basic things like illumination or foggy effects suffered hardware limitations on the 3DS and still remain on the PS4 version. The rest of the game does look good though and runs at a solid framerate throughout.

It’s hard to recommend this version to those who have played it before on 3DS or consoles for anything other than a better-looking version and for those who played it on PS3/360, a chance for more trophies/achievements. It would have been nice to get some PS4 Pro support of some kind, like HDR or 4K. We know of older games that have been remastered to this standard, but it’s not a huge surprise.

The game itself is still as good as it was when it was released, and a definite must-have for Resi fans. The Raid Mode is still good fun and the overall package is a good one, plus it’s at a reasonable price.

The Verdict

Resident Evil Revelations for PS4 may not include anything new besides some shinier bells and whistles, but it’s still one of the better games in the series (Not counting 7, of course) and will more than tide you over to the final DLC’s for RE7.

Score: 8.0