PS4 Review: Resident Evil 3

Can Capcom surpass the Resi 2 Remake with Nemesis?

Last year’s Resident Evil 2 Remake was incredible from start to finish and I was really hoping they would soon start on the 3rd game to bring each old game back with a fresh take. I actually never played the original Resident Evil 3 so I can’t really compare it other than what I’ve seen in terms of videos and screenshot comparisons, so it was a new experience for me and it also comes with the multiplayer mode “Resistance” which I’ll talk more about in a bit. But the big question is if it can surpass the RE2 Remake?

In some ways, yes and in some ways not so much. Resident Evil 3 is a much shorter game than Resi 2 was, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as memorable. Nemesis is truly terrifying and it’s mere moments into the game where you first cross paths with the S.T.A.R.S seeking bioweapon, Jill is no pushover though and works her way through Raccoon City to try and escape before it’s nuked.

The interface is pretty much identical to the RE2 Remake, which is no bad thing and makes the transition from the past game much easier. The game itself handles like any other typical Resident Evil where you gather weapons, combine herbs, solve puzzles and kill any zombies in your way. Resi 3 plays it a bit safe here, but I always knew they would struggle to beat what the RE2 Remake had done, if anything it feels like an add-on in the same way as Sonic and Knuckles followed Sonic 3, which is no bad thing by the way.

So, chances are you might feel a bit cheated at the length of the game in comparison, but Resi 3 has something that 2 didn’t and that’s the multiplayer mode “Resistance”. This is a 4 vs 1 mode where 4 players work together to escape from the solo player called the Mastermind who can throw anything at you from zombies and traps to shutting doors, turning off lights and deploying bioweapons like Tyrant, Mr X or William Birkin to name a few.

It’s an interesting concept and one that I think works really well. The Mastermind can also take control over any enemy for a more hands-on approach while the 4 must work together to collect keys and make their way to the exit before the timer runs out. I’ve found it’s definitely more fun to play as the Mastermind, but trying to break free of each scenario is also highly rewarding. Time will tell if it has staying power, but I think they’re onto something special here.

In terms of visuals, Resident Evil 3 and Resistance both look incredible. They run at a steady framerate and everything from the locations to the character models look highly detailed, it’s a real showcase of how the RE Engine can still impress. Voice-acting is a mixed bag as in all Resi games, but it’s more believable than the original games, that’s for sure. The soundtrack is also impressive with an immersive score that builds tension throughout.

The Verdict

Resident Evil 3 may not have surpassed the Resi 2 Remake in terms of length or originality, but it has provided plenty of scares and incredible moments. Plus with the addition of Resistance, Resi fans should have more than plenty to keep them occupied until the next game drops…

Score: 9.0