PS4 Review: Rayman Legends

Platforming Perfection?

When I reviewed Rayman Legends on PS3 in September, I gave it a rather high score of 9.8 (Full review here and after all that time I stand by that score, it was one of my favourite games of last year and was overjoyed when I heard it was getting the next-gen treatment and just had to review it. But is it worth picking up a second time or is this the ultimate version that newcomers should get?
First off, there isn’t any real new content in this next-gen version but there are still tons of levels to complete, Lums and Teensies to collect and the undeniable replayability that comes from the Daily and Weekly Challenges. There are two new features to this version however, after getting a certain score on a level you gain a Lucky Ticket which when scratched unlocks new levels or items.etc, in the PS3 version you used the analog stick to scratch but on the PS4 you use the touch screen to wipe away and reveal your prize. The other makes use of the PS4’s Share button, you can use the touch screen to pan and zoom into what you are trying to take a picture of and then it’s easily shared by tapping the button.
These features are small in the great scheme of things, but are welcome additions…but the real treat comes with the price, which for a next-gen game is rather cheap at just £25, a mere £5 more than the PS3’s original price tag. Sure, you can pick up the PS3 version for around 15-16 now, but the next-gen version looks and feels so much better and clearer thanks to it running natively at 1080p at a smooth 60fps. It looks like the game it was meant to, there’s nothing held back and it’s breathtaking.

The Verdict

Rayman Legends remains as smooth and enjoyable as it did before. In truth, it’s platforming perfection and as such I’ve awarded it the highest possible score as a result. There isn’t much point in picking this up if you already have a version since there isn’t anything that new that makes it worth picking up, that is unless you are a trophy hunter and want two separate trophy lists for the game, like myself (I know…I’m insane!!)  But for those who missed out on it before and have a PS4, it’s definitely worth picking up.