PS4 Review: OkunoKA Madness

Will this drive you to madness?

Test your reflexes and coordination with more than 100 levels and 3 speedrun modes. OkunoKA Madness is a platform game in which you play as KA, a blue-coloured hero who must save the world of souls from the evil hands of Os, his deadly enemy. You will have to jump, run and overcome obstacles through unique and colourful worlds with more than 100 levels, go head-to-head with wacky bosses, find hidden secrets, lots of surprises to unlock and an even more difficult world: Madness!

OkunoKA Madness is a game that will literally drive you to insanity through it’s fast-paced precision platforming that easily rivals the likes of Super Meat Boy. The levels are short but very difficult as you try and find the soul in each level through jumping, activating and deactivating elements like ice and fire, as well as boss battles and speedrun modes for those crazy enough.

Trying to work out the solution to the end of a stage is half the battle, executing it successfully is the other half and that is no small feat. The first few levels settle you in nicely before throwing you to the wolves and therefore your imminent demise. You’d be mistaken that this game looks easy based on the game’s art style that looks bright and colourful, which I think is the game’s way of making you underestimate it only to be ripped apart after a few levels.

The game runs at a solid framerate and load times are very short. The visuals are simple but charming and pleasing to the eye, while sound effects are basic but the game does have a nice soundtrack.

The Verdict

OkunoKA Madness is not a game to underestimate, despite its appearance. It will tear those who think that to shreds with its brutal levels, but it will keep you coming back for me despite this. Self-inflicted pain seems to be a win-win here for some reason…

Score: 8.0