PS4 Review: Mount & Blade: Warband

This 6 year old game finally hits consoles, but is it too late?

In a land torn asunder by incessant warfare, it is time to assemble your own band of hardened warriors and enter the fray. Lead your men into battle, expand your realm, and claim the ultimate prize: the throne of Calradia!
To be honest, this game had completely slipped me by when it was first released on PC. Probably because I’ve never been much of a PC Gamer, it’s always been consoles and handhelds for me…yet, I was intrigued to see why they have chosen now to bring this quite old PC game to the likes of PS4 and Xbox One.

Mount & Blade: Warband is essentially a all-out medieval battlefield, there is a solo game too…but the main focus seems to be competitive multiplayer, which would be great if I was able to find a game during my time playing…yes I know it’s not out to the public till tomorrow, but you’d at least think there would be testers or other reviewers on the servers…I logged on to see 0/0 in every lobby.
The game lets you be any type of class from archer to swordsman and everything in-between, the controls are easy to get to grips with, but the game doesn’t seem to have a visual upgrade. It looks incredibly dated for a PS4 game, it actually looks like what you would expect from a PC if it were on low settings. It’s a shame because there is a good game here, it’s just sullied by dull visuals and dated sound effects.

The combat itself is pretty good, although I only had AI opponents to battle, so they weren’t exactly a challenge. The game itself is imaginative and ambitious, especially with the player limit set to 64 online…but it’s essentially a rough around the edges medieval combat simulator.

The Verdict

Mount & Blade: Warband was no doubt a hit when it was released on PC, but the game has aged badly for consoles. I hope it does get better through updates, but the overall experience feels very dated compared to other games on the market.

Score: 6.0