PS4 Review: Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place

The Wither Storm story arc comes to a close, but at what cost?

The 4th Episode of Minecraft: Story Mode brings the current story to a close, promising an all new adventure for the Season Finale in Episode 5. Is this a one-off story or will it end on a cliffhanger, making us crave a second season? Only Telltale know the answer of course, but for now…let’s take a look at what transpired in Episode 4.
With the Formidi-bomb failing to completely destroy the Wither Storm, Jesse and the rest of the Order retreat to form a new plan. The Command Block that Ivor used to create the Wither Storm has to be fully destroyed to defeat the creature, which is now formed of 1 big Wither Storm and 2 smaller ones. Ivor actually comes to help and tells the Order that to so so, they will need to forge an enchanted weapon and use it on the Command Block, buried deep within the main Wither Storm. The only problem? The Enchanting Book is in Ivor’s secret lab in the Far Lands, the edge of the world.
After traversing through a maze to reach Ivor’s lab, the group soon come across a tribute to the original Order’s great battle against the Ender Dragon, the one that made them heroes. Ivor collected all the relics from the battle, or so it seems. The Order’s version of events are very different to what actually happened and while it doesn’t come as a complete shock, considering Ivor’s betrayal of the Order, it does raise a good point. Should myths be debunked or should people believe in the Legend? It’s a question left at your disposal at the end of the episode.

Jesse finally enchants a weapon and using quick-building with his friends, constructs one of 3 devices to reach the Wither Storm. After a lot of quick-time events, the creature is defeated…at a cost. I won’t tell you what that is, but I honestly had to hold back a tear…which Telltale haven’t managed to make me do since the first Walking Dead series. The last episode saw us lose either Magnus or Ellegaard, depending on whose armour you took when using the Formidi-bomb. So you may want to go through the episode twice with each character to get the full story.

The Verdict

As the Wither Storm story comes to a close, I can’t help wondering just where the story will go from here. A new Order of the Stone is established, but just what awaits our heroes? Hopefully it’ll be the beginning of something truly special.

Score: 9.0