PS4 Review: Minecraft Story Mode – Episode 3: The Last Place You Look

Can Episode 3 pick up the pace after the mini-episode 2?

Episode 2 was incredibly short, that was more or less how I covered it in my past review. It did however reunite some members of the Order of the Stone before the conclusion where you were all sealed in a room after Ivor locks you in after dropping a slow-motion potion (Hey, that rhymes!) so where can Episode 3 go from here?
Using the amulet that locates members from the Order, Jesse notices it flashing from the floor below, so the team hack it to bits and escape that way, but arrive in the End surrounded by Endermen who are creepy as hell and after finally finding a way out, arrive in a new world made of wool. That’s right, wool. Telltale clearly has been playing way too much Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Yoshi’s Woolly World and eventually find where the last member Soren, has been hiding.

Soren created this woolly world, while also making a confined area for the Endermen as he thinks he can teach them to build. He is even wearing an Endermen costume to blend in with them, Jesse has to get his attention by actually building something while wearing the spare costume out in the area, which is equally terrifying as you think the Endermen will see right through you. Which does happen eventually, but not before Soren rescues you.
After a swift exit, the crew finally reunite with the other members of the Order and with the Formidi-bomb ready, try to take on the Wither Storm. Obviously I won’t spoil the outcome of the battle, but let’s just say it’s not over yet. Telltale claims that the next episode will be a closure to the story arc, but the finale is dated for next year. Episode 4 is out before the end of the month, so we’ll see just what happens to certain storylines before the year is up.

The Verdict

The pace of Episode 3 has definitely sped up after the rather brief Episode 2, the quality of the series has definitely jumped back on track and is speeding up towards a great climax with the story arc, while also making me wonder just how the series will conclude if Episode 4 brings the main plot to a close. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that…

Score: 8.5