PS4 Review: Minecraft Story Mode – Episode 2: Assembly Required

Can this second outing come close to the great opener?

Jesse and his friends were given a choice at the end of the first episode, to either search for Magnus the Rogue or Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer, which dramatically changes how Episode 2 plays out. You will be united with both in the end regardless, but you will miss out on seeing how the other Order member makes it to you unless you play through it again and make the opposite choice in Episode 1.
It’s not the first time that Telltale has done something like this, they did something similar in Tales from the Borderlands too…but still, it’s nice to see things from different perspectives and also adds a small level of replay value for fans who want to see the whole story from every angle they can. You will come closer to finding out more about the Witherstorm and how to beat it, but it is almost over as soon as it gets going, I mean that literally…I was done in an hour or so.

The combat from the first episode returns with choices between sword and bow, as well as the usual quicktime events. It’s clear that Story Mode is made for a younger audience than the likes of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or Tales from the Borderlands but still…I honestly can’t believe how brief this episode is, it’s a rare blip in quality from Telltale. Maybe it’s launching two episodes so closely together or giving two different stories based on your choice in Episode 1 that makes one playthrough seem incredibly short, either way…I just hope Episode 3 lasts a lot longer than this outing.
Character development seems to be the main focus of this second episode, establishing two more with Magnus and Ellegaard who are both great characters and seeing Ivor again always gets the blood boiling, but he gets away in the most frustratingly laughable moment I’ve seen in a game. The dialogue isn’t as good as the first episode, but I did like that I had the option to be known as “The Ocelot Slayer” in Boom Town while trying to recruit Magnus, made me instantly think of MGS.

The Verdict

Maybe More Assembly Required should have been called More Content Required. It’s one of Telltale’s shortest episodes, one that is over before it’s even begun. It’s nice to play it through two different paths if you so desire, which luckily gives it a bit of a longer lifespan. Even if you do that though, it’ll only last you a little longer. It’s a good episode, don’t get me wrong…but it is brief and I hope Episode 3 picks up the pace.

Score: 7.0