PS4 Review: Lego Worlds

More than just LegoCraft?

Lego Worlds is different from your average Lego game. It doesn’t follow a story, but instead lets you create your own Lego world by giving you the tools to do so. You can scan objects and spend studs on them to unlock them for use, you can also copy and paste structures, as well as lay individual blocks, paint them and even raise/lower terrain.

The game begins with your character crashing his spaceship on a small pirate world, it then gives you the tool to scan objects and then hands you quests to earn gold bricks, which in turn lets you explore more worlds. You’ll come across a few others that give you more tools like I’ve described, then it’s literally all up to you. Worlds are randomly generated, some will have more gold bricks than others and after collecting 100, you can create your own world.

You can also play the game co-operatively online/offline, as well as explore other players’ worlds. The game obviously takes props from Minecraft, it even spawns enemies at night-time…on the pirate world, it was skeletons who ran at you much like Minecraft’s creepers.

The controls will take some getting used to, as will the overall interface. But after a while, it becomes second-nature and creating is just as fun as destroying. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Lego Worlds has great potential and I honestly am loving every second with it. Is it perfect? No, it has it issues with it’s controls and the odd bug here and there, but overall it’s impressive and a welcome change of pace for the series.

Visually, Lego Worlds does scream Minecraft at you with it’s blocky textures and so on, but it still retains the classic Lego look, even if it is somewhat lacking in the humour that has made the other games stand out.

The Verdict

Lego Worlds taking on Minecraft was risky and while it’s unlikely to reach such popularity, does a great job in letting you create your own world made of Lego bricks. It may be a little rough around the edges and the controls aren’t always your friend, but the amount you can create and manipulate really stands out, making it a must have for anyone who loves creative games like LittleBigPlanet and Minecraft.

Score: 8.0