PS4 Review: Lego Marvel’s Avengers

Lego returns to the MCU once more…

Following the success of Lego Marvel Super Heroes, the Marvel series gets another Lego entry in the form of Lego Marvel’s Avengers, which basically ties in all the films from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) such as the Captain America, Iron Man films and of course, the two Avengers films. The hub world between each level is pretty big too, so you’ll be spending lots of time there gathering studs and gold bricks, while also tackling side-quests.
In terms of sticking to the script for the films, the game does well…but of course adds it’s own style of telling it with plenty of humorous moments throughout. There’s a massive roster of Marvel characters to play as, plus an optional Season Pass for those craving more down the line. After all these Lego games, you’d be right to think that this one isn’t going to handle that different from the others…in terms of gameplay, it doesn’t shake anything up and is the true-and-tried formula that we are all used to.

One good thing is that the game will last you a long time to 100%, there are tons of collectables and hidden tasks scattered through the levels and the hub world. Of course, you can’t access them all to begin with…you need to build up your roster of Marvel Superheroes so you can take on each obstacle that comes your way. Design-wise, the game is probably the best so far with plenty to do, but most is straightforward and shouldn’t cause you much trouble, with the exception of maybe having to redo the odd section for that one collectable you missed.
Lego and Marvel do go well together, as Lego did with DC. I’d love to see a cross-over title in the future…but I seriously doubt it’d ever happen. Next, the TT Games group heads back to the Star Wars license for their take on “Episode 7: The Force Awakens” and not the guessed “Guardians of the Galaxy” game that the credits of the game hints at, but it would be good if they also did that…maybe they are and they just haven’t told us yet? Only TT Games knows the answer to what’s next other than Star Wars.

Visually, Lego Marvel’s Avengers looks pretty impressive. It runs smoothly and I didn’t come across many bugs/glitches, I did die a few times in random circumstances…but other than that, it was solid in terms of performance. I can’t really see how they could have made it look any more like Lego, it looks more it after each game. Cutscenes have the classic humour that Lego games are famous for and this one steps it up yet another notch.

The Verdict

Lego Marvel’s Avengers may not take any chances in mixing up the formula, but it does well to provide yet another brilliant outing for the series. It has great levels, an impressive roster of characters and a pretty big hub world to explore. All while retaining the same level of quality that we are used to, it doesn’t mix things up…but it doesn’t need to when its as fun as this.

Score: 8.0