PS4 Review: Lego Harry Potter Collection

Remaster Kedavra!

Lego Harry Potter is the latest game to get the remaster treatment for the PS4, which itself is a collection of both Years 1-4 and Years 5-7 and considering you can only get Years 1-4 on PS3 through PlayStation Now or if you track down a second-hand copy, chances are that this is the only other way you can play it as it’s not available on the PlayStation Store for whatever reason.
TT Games have done a great job in making the two sets of games fit well together, but also have given it a nice coat of paint to make it look like it belongs on the newer systems. There isn’t any new content, but there are 2 new trophy lists for those interested. I can’t claim to be a fan of Harry Potter, that falls under my partner’s resume…but even I enjoyed the original games as well as this collection.
The game can be picked up for around £30 from retailers or £40 from the PS Store, but considering the amount of content it’s worth it..even if there isn’t anything really new, it does pose an interesting question…will TT Games remake any of the other old Lego games? I’d love for them to do collections for Star Wars, Batman and Indiana Jones. Fingers crossed that one day they might just do that…

The Verdict

If you missed out on the Lego Harry Potter games the first time around, there’s no better time than now to pick it up. It’s harder to recommend to anyone who has the original versions for anything other than shinier visuals and extra trophies, but those are pretty good reasons too.

Score: 7.5