PS4 Review: Lego Dimensions Year 2: Wave 9

How does the final wave of Year 2 hold up?

With no concrete information, it would appear that this final wave for Year 2 of Lego Dimensions could be the last for the series itself. It’d be a shame if that was the case, but I could imagine a sequel potentially being in the works that I hope would still use the same figurines. But let’s put an end to speculation and take a look at what’s on offer in Wave 9…

These come complete with special abilities like you would expect from your Lego figures by now, as well as gives you access to their own special battle-arena and game world which contains 1 red brick and 28 gold bricks to get, as well as plenty of renovations and side-quests to complete. It would have been nice to have a story pack of some sort for any of the final packs, but it’s still nice to see dedicated homeworlds for each pack.

The same amount of bricks in the worlds are applicable in each pack, which is a decent amount and it is at a fairly reasonable price on the whole. My favourite of the bunch has to be the Beetlejuice pack though, which is a Lego set I never imagined I would see, let alone in video game form. It works well and this would have made a great story level that would have been a decent send-off for the game if this is the end.

As with past packs, these come with vehicles as well as characters and can be used in the base game and other areas, which can come in handy for certain locked areas that require a certain kind of ability to gain access to it. I’m a bit heavy-handed when it comes to putting Lego together, I remember trying to put that pirate ship together from The Goonies and it taking an eternity. I had more success with these packs, but still, I found it a bit frustrating overall. Still, it’s good fun to use them in-game and I hope we get to use them again for a potential sequel or other Lego-type game.

The Verdict

After 2 years of expansions, is this the end of Lego Dimensions? It’s looking like that, with no announcements of further add-ons…but if this is the end, then it’s ended on a high. I just wish they made a Beetlejuice Story Pack to make the ending perfect.

Score: 8.5