PS4 Review: Lego City Undercover

Grand Theft Au…Lego

After so many years of being a Wii U exclusive, I never expected Lego City Undercover to make the jump to other consoles…I’m glad I was wrong, I loved the original game on the Wii U, so it’s nice to have a chance to go through it again with this much improved version.

You can still see that it’s a Wii U game at heart, with small changes to the overall interface to make up for the PS4’s lack of a second screen, but it doesn’t hurt the overall package. This is still Lego City Undercover and it looks better than ever with it’s improved visuals and resolution, plus the framerate is consistent throughout.

If you missed out on the original version, let me summarise it for you…you play as Chase McCain, a cop who is called back to Lego City to recapture escaped convict Rex Fury. It’s follows a lot of classic cop cliches, like the chief sleeping on the job or boxes of doughnuts being delivered to the station. It’s open world and you can drive around in either your cop car, or by taking other people’s cars like in GTA. The story is set on into chapters, but as with past Lego games…there are plenty of collectibles scattered across the city for you to get.

Lego City Undercover was so ambitious as it was the first Lego-style game that didn’t borrow from a license like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter or Marvel. As such, it has it’s own unique charm to it that you will love. Besides the nice addition of co-op play, there isn’t anything new about the new version besides that and an overall improved performance…so it’s a tough sell if you already own it on your Wii U…But if you don’t, then it’s hard to deny.

The Verdict

Lego City Undercover has taken a long time to head to other consoles, but I’m glad it finally has…maybe now we’ll see a true sequel down the road? It would have been nice to have some extra content for those who had played the Wii U version, but the addition of co-op and improved performance is more than sufficient for newcomers.

Score: 8.5