PS4 Review: Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

The Caped Crusader takes to the skies in this hilarious space outing…

I remember when I heard about Lego Batman 3, I thought “Batman in Space? Really?” but how wrong I was…
Lego Batman 3’s opening cutscene shows the impending threat of the game, before switching to Gotham as Batman and Robin chase Killer Croc down the sewers. The first two levels are a little frustrating, but when you get to Space the game opens up a lot more. If you’ve played the past Lego Batman games, then you’ll feel right at home with the third entry. It’s more of the same as you’d expect from a Lego game, but they’ve definitely stepped it up a notch.

The story itself is priceless as in previous entries, the cast features every DC character you can think of, while also including legendary Adam West in every level and Conan o’ Brien appears at the hub. The little things in this game make me chuckle, like when Wonder Woman starts to fly her theme tune starts playing, as does Superman’s and the banter between the superheroes is hilarious as always.
The levels themselves are typical Lego, full of collectables, puzzles, boss fights and secret areas for your second playthrough. They don’t change the formula of the series, but they are still incredibly fun to play. The one thing that I did find disappointing is that there are already 4 DLC packs for the game, as well as a Season Pass. You can argue that they could have added these DLC packs to the game for free, but from what I hear you’ll get a good deal with the Season Pass.

The game retains its classic Lego look, while running smoothly as normal. The PS4 version looks crisp and there is more noticeable detail added to the Lego figures and levels, although the games have never been that detailed, Lego Batman 3 looks the part and the cutscenes are brilliantly done. Voice-acting is brilliant and hilarious as you would expect, while the music borrows from the Justice League’s back catalogue, all in all I have to say I was more than impressed.

The Verdict

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham may not breathe new life to the Lego series, but it sure gives us a nice reminder on how fun the games can be. Batman in Space sounds nuts on paper, but Lego manages to make it work and even seem plausible, while being hilarious. Day 1 DLC is a sore point for some, but overall it’s up there as one of the best Lego games there is.