PS4 Review: King of Seas

Does this game make you want to walk the plank?

King of Seas is an Action Role playing game set in a procedural pirate world. An epic adventure awaits you in a fantastic world, dotted with fights, lost islands and treasures. A universe that will keep you anchored as you struggle to become the king of all pirates.

King of Seas lets you roam the seas, sinking ships, looting treasure and having a good old time for the most part, but it isn’t going to be a game for everyone. It can be a very grindy experience, especially towards the end of the game.

In terms of RPG elements, KoS has quite a bit going for it with its customisation, quests, XP and ship upgrades. Combat and overall control of your ship takes some getting used to, plus you feel ridiculously underpowered at the beginning of the game, so it’s an awfully slow burner. But after a while, you’ll feel like the toughest pirate on the seven seas.

I can’t help feeling though that the console versions of the game weren’t given as much attention as the PC version. Text looks small and the visuals themselves lack overall polish, which is a shame when combined with a slow start already. It definitely looks and feels more that it was designed exclusively for PC while shoved onto consoles without full optimisation.

It’s a damn shame too, because I actually enjoyed the game and its combat, especially the unique powers from being able to turn into a ghost ship, taking no damage and even dispatching sharks at your enemies. There’s a lot of good ideas here and there’s a decent game here, it’s just poorly paced, and the lack of console optimisation definitely shows.

The Verdict

King of Seas has some good ideas and decent naval combat, but a slow start, bad pacing and lack of overall polish and console optimisation stops this ship from sailing…

Score: 6.5