PS4 Review: Hue

Guess hue?

Hue is a puzzle platformer where you must return colour to the world around you to proceed. The world is nothing but grey to begin with, but you come across a pot that has your first colour. Activating it fills the world with that colour, which can help you overcome the following areas, collecting more colours as you go.
For example, one area has you in a cave with rocks blocking the path. If you turn the colour dial to blue, they disappear. The game’s visual design feels like that of Limbo, but of course this handles very differently. As an indie game goes, Hue ticks all the boxes and despite some slow-pacing to begin with, it picks up and is completely engaging. It also has a damn good story that I won’t spoil, but it’s clever and keeps you engrossed throughout.
The game itself isn’t the longest, but it does leave a lasting impression. It also has a great soundtrack, mixing piano key notes with creepy tunes adds a great tone for the overall game. The puzzles will make you scratch your head a bit, but also tests your platformer reflexes. It’s not the most challenging game out there, but it will definitely make you scratch your head a few times.

The Verdict

Hue is an intriguing concept, one that works incredibly well. It’s story is engrossing from start to finish and even with a slow start, the game quickly picks up and doesn’t stop till the end. It’s a short game compared to other puzzlers out there, but it’s one that will definitely be remembered.

Score: 7.5