PS4 Review: Hitman: Episode 3 – Marrakesh

Agent 47 arrives in Marrakesh for his latest assignment…

Episode 3 of Hitman takes place in Marrakesh as 47 has 2 new targets to kill, one inside an embassy and the other in a school which has been converted into a barracks. The targets have instigated hatred, riots and fear. The whole country is tearing itself apart because of these two men, but there’s definitely more to the plan as after two other men meet to discuss the connection between the assassinations in both Marrakesh and Sapienza.
First of all all, Marrakesh looks stunning. They’ve definitely captured the essence of the city, the crowds all fit in naturally and the locations are highly detailed. As in past episodes, 47 gets a lot of unique opportunities to kill his targets, Episode 3 is no different. You can kill your targets by means such as posing as a masseur, giving the target a massage and then break his neck…while the other can be infiltrated by becoming one of the group putting up hate posters, then walking with them back to the base to kill the remaining target.
There is a lot of imagination in these missions, just in the design going in to how many different ways you can kill your targets. It’s impressive and the level of quality doesn’t seem to be reducing anytime soon. After 3 episodes, you’d think maybe it would…but it gives me hope that the remaining episodes will be just as good, if not better. Performance has definitely been improved since launch through patches, and load times aren’t half as long.

The Verdict

It’s interesting to see where the story is going, especially the epilogue scenes you get after finishing your mission. 47 definitely has his work cut out, that’s for sure and I for one cannot wait to see what city we’ll be heading to next.

Score: 9.0