PS4 Review: God Eater 2: Rage Burst

Rage Burst or just plain rage?

God Eater 2: Rage Burst is a enhanced port of the PS Vita version of God Eater 2 for both PS4 and Vita. I’m reviewing the PS4 version, which also happens to be my first time playing the series…which is hardly welcoming to newcomers, it almost expects you to know exactly what is going on and throws you straight in.
The game will feel familiar in style to those who have played games like Monster Hunter, you accept missions either solo or with friends online. The combat is fast-paced and tricky to master, mostly because this falls in the burden of being a port of a handheld game, it also struggles in the visual department because of this…but if you can look past all that, there’s a decent action adventure to be found…it’s just rough around the edges.
This is the first time the series has graced a console, with past entries only being on PSP and Vita. If you have missed out because you didn’t have either system or never picked it up, you’ll be lost as I was when it comes to the story.

Despite all that, there’s a great combat system in place and although the characters are very cliched in their design such as anime style girls with massive cleavage, not that I’m opposed to that. Why break tradition? Voice-acting is a mixed bag, with some irritating voices and some that aren’t half-bad, while the soundtrack makes up for it.

The Verdict

God Eater 2: Rage Burst has some great ideas and are well implemented, it’s just a shame that it’s delivered on a port of the handheld version. It struggles visually and the camera is a bit difficult to control as a result, I do feel like I’m left out in the cold for not playing the original games though and that is hardly welcoming to newcomers…but there’s a great RPG to be found if you dig hard enough.

Score: 7.5