PS4 Review: Escape String

Should you pull on this particular thread?

Escape String is a 2D puzzle game set in an undefined time and place. A small humanoid robot wakes up in the debris of a landfill inside a large factory. He receives strange and enigmatic messages, from someone who apparently wants to help him. The robot’s purpose is to explore the large factory where he is in search of answers about who he and his mysterious remote helper are. The player does not control the robot directly and in real time, but inserts movement commands above its display in order to tell the robot when it is time to jump, to crouch and more.

Escape String is a simple game where instead of moving your character, you input a “string” of commands in which to guide the robot to the end of each stage. There are obstacles to overcome such as gaps in the floor, electrified barriers and enemies that move as your robot does. Finding the solution is usually straightforward but to get it done in a single string with a limited amount of input moves is another matter. If you can do this however for the first 10 levels, you will essentially earn trophy by then.

There are a few exceptions like purposefully making the robot fail by getting electrocuted or missing a jump, but it’s really an easy Platinum to obtain and it takes mere minutes if you are good enough. The puzzles definitely get tougher after the initial first 10 levels, but because you may have the Platinum by then, the only reason to keep playing is if you actually want to beat the game itself, which is fair enough if you do.

The visuals are pretty basic but have a nice enough charm to them, while sound effects and music are more subtle overall. Load times between stages were essentially non-existent and there were no performance issues that I encountered.

The Verdict

Escape String is a nice little puzzle game that makes you plot several moves ahead to complete each stage and it’s got an incredibly easy Platinum trophy to grab. It won’t win any awards for originality or anything but it gets the job done.

Score: 6.5