PS4 Review: Destroy All Humans 2

Crypto’s back in this HD port of DAH 2…

It wasn’t long ago that THQ Nordic brought the original Destroy All Humans to PS4, upscaled to 1080p with trophy support and I gave it a 8.5, having played the original I was pleased to see that it was true to the original and having trophies is always a plus in my book. Fast-forward a few weeks and the sequel drops too…now that the dust has settled after the Winter madness of game releases, let’s take a look at the groovy sequel…

I did play the original DAH 2 back in the day as well and I actually enjoyed it equally with the original, but I did love the 60s/hippies theme of the game. Also having Crypto sound like Jack Nicholson is always good. The humour is stronger in this entry, while the controls are more refined and everything feels smoother overall…but it isn’t a massive leap from the original, but at least it’s more in tune with the original than the dreaded Path of the Furon or Big Willy Unleashed entries, which essentially killed off the series until it’s revival through these entries.

Perhaps now that the main games are out, THQ Nordic can get to work on either a reboot, remastered versions or the next entry that can bring redemption back to the series, which is needed after what came after DAH 2.

Destroy All Humans 2 contains the same gameplay as the original, but it does feel more improved and the open world is a lot more expanded…while not all the game’s missions are that inventive, they are a lot better than the simplistic collection quests of the original.

The Verdict

Destroy All Humans 2 is a nice improvement over the original game, adding in a bigger scope while maintaining what made the original fun. If you missed out on the PS2 classic back in the day, now is the best time to catch up and with 1080p visuals and trophy support, there’s even more reason to.

Score: 8.5