PS4 Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

The best shooter of all time gets the remake treatment…
There’s no denying COD 4’s popularity, named as one of the best games for the last generation and perhaps of all time…it was only a matter of time before it got remastered. Remastered would imply that it simply has been upscaled with new higher resolution textures and modern visuals, but it feels more like a complete remake instead of a remaster. Either way, let’s push on…

As described, you will be able to play the entirety of the Modern Warfare campaign, complete with Intel to collect, cheats to unlock and trophies to earn. The original COD 4 didn’t get trophy support on PS3, so this is the first time that PlayStation owners are able to earn them for the game…while Xbox owners will get a second chance to earn them.

The original game was a masterpiece, redefining the FPS genre forever and despite attempts from both COD and Battlefield games, nothing has ever come close to replicating that kind of success. As I was playing through MW Remastered it dawned on me just how brilliant the original game was and I honestly struggled to understand why nothing has ever topped it. Maybe Infinite Warfare might come close, but I highly doubt it can surpass it.
The remake itself is superb, the visuals have been vastly improved and I had the luxury of playing it on a 4K TV. Now I’m not sure if the campaign already has HDR support added in or not, but damn it looked amazing. Just basic things like fire, lighting and explosions looked so much greater than on a standard 1080p set. The framerate has always been a steady 60FPS and that hasn’t changed, but it looks so much better than the original.

Multiplayer has always been a huge aspect of COD, especially Modern Warfare. The remake contains 10 maps at launch with the rest coming before the end of the year. The maps available are superbly remade and highly addictive.

I’ve yet to finish the campaign on Veteran, but it’s something I have done previously on the original (Yes, even the damn plane mission at the end) and will do everything I can to do so again. But I have finished it on Normal and it was a mixture of nostalgia and good times. This is exactly how to remake a game, despite the controversy over how it’s being released.

The Verdict

Modern Warfare Remastered is the perfect remake with such improvements to visuals and overall performance, while maintaining the game that we hold in such high regard. Now, if we can just convince Activision to do remastered versions of Modern Warfare 2 and 3…

Score: 9.0