PS4 Review: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – DLC 4: Retribution

The final Infinite Warfare DLC is here…

Retribution is the fourth and final DLC for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but does it end on a high?

As with the past map packs, Retribution comes with 4 new multiplayer maps and one last Zombies level. So, let’s take a look at them:

The new Zombies Map is called “The Beast from Beyond” and is set on a military station on an ice planet, but this time you can actually escape the “film” and take the fight to outside the cinema once and for all. The new level has a combination of zombies and the aliens from Call of Duty Ghosts, while also adding in the Shaolin zombies from a previous DLC. It’s definitely the best of the zombie stages and a great way to end Zombies for Infinite Warfare.

Carnage is the first multiplayer map and is a post-apocalyptic race track. It has environmental hazards such as fire traps that players can activate to roast their enemies. Heartland is a re-imagining of Ghosts’ “Warhawk” map and contains a Black Hole Generator.Altitude is set in a high -end, sky-high shopping centre at the end of the universe, while finally, Depot 22 is a middle-sized map which has a cantina and a moving train.

The Verdict

As the final map pack, Retribution is definitely ending on a high. The Beast from Beyond is the highlight and a great way to bring Zombies to an end, while the 4 map packs just add to the fun. Definitely one to tide you over till COD WW2.

Score: 8.5