PS4 Review: Call of Duty Ghosts

Next-gen COD with some chips please!

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Ghosts was a great entry into the Call of Duty series on current gen platforms, but now it’s arrived on the next-gen systems, PS4 and Xbox One. Is it worth upgrading to next-gen or should you stick with what you already have?
First of all, apart from the return of the Ground War multiplayer playlist, the PS4 version of Ghosts is identical in content to the other versions. The campaign is still as good as it was, albeit with a fresh lick of paint thanks to the power of the new hardware, making the game run at a solid 1080p at 60fps is no small feat and it pulls it off brilliantly for the most part, it does drop here and there but doesn’t impact gameplay whatsoever.

Infinity Ward had a chance to make the PS4 version unique by utilizing the DualShock 4’s touchpad but failed to do so, instead it’s merely used as a replacement for the Select button that has vanished from DS4. It comes in handy when upgrading abilities in Extinction and using the controller itself is a lot better for FPS games than the old DualShock 3 thanks to the larger handles and improved analog sticks and triggers.
Those who already own the PS3 version will be pleased to know that you can share your multiplayer data between both versions thanks to your COD account, as long as you link them up properly. Essentially this is a big selling point so you don’t lose your progress, XP level and perks in both MP and Extinction. There is a significant less amount of players online on PS4 than PS3, probably due to the new hardware and having to pay for online with PS Plus, but it does run just as smoothly and is just as easy to find matches as on PS3.

The visual upgrade from PS3 to PS4 isn’t the huge leap some were hoping for, but it does look incredible nonetheless. Although in reality, Killzone Shadow Fall tops it in the graphics department, having said that though Ghosts is breathtaking as well, just not as much.

The Verdict

The PS4 version of Call of Duty Ghosts is the definitive one for both newcomers and even those who already own a PS3, 360 or Wii U version. The DualShock 4 definitely is better for FPS, I just wish IW had made use of the touchpad more than they did, it seems like a missed opportunity. Overall though, Ghosts is best enjoyed on PS4 and should be under your Xmas tree this year!