PS4 Review: BlazeRush

Should you rush out and get this?

Welcome to the world of racing and frantic fun! BlazeRush is a dynamic arcade racing survival game with no health, no levelling and no brakes! You can assemble a team of friends to play in local or online multiplayer, choose a car to your taste and chase, blow up and cut off! Adapt your style and tactics to new enemies, obstacles and tracks.

BlazeRush feels like a combination of Micro Machines and F-Zero. It’s quite an old game now, having launched as far as back as 2014 with later versions coming over the years. I was surprised to see that there wasn’t a PS5/PSVR 2 version when I heard that it did come to HTC Vive, but maybe that will happen down the line?

The driving works as you would expect from a fast-paced game like this, though the camera can be troublesome at times…which is far from ideal in this situation. There is a single player campaign, albeit brief…while the real fun is multiplayer with friends or online. I did enjoy my time with the game, though it was limited in terms of tracks.

For quite an old PS4 game, BlazeRush looks pretty good. It may not have the wow appeal of today’s games, but is still impressive overall. Framerate is consistent and the soundtrack is also decent, making for an overall nice performance across the board.

The Verdict

BlazeRush may not be the next F-Zero or Micro Machines, but it has its moments that are highly enjoyable and while it doesn’t have the longest lifespan in terms of content, you’ll find yourself coming back to the track once in a while.

Score: 6.5

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