PS4 Review: Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 4: What Ails You

Bruce’s cover is blown and the Pact is ready to unleash hell…

This review contains spoilers for the season so far and Episode 4.



At the end of Episode 3, I had to decide to either give up Catwoman to the Pact or lie and say that Bruce stole the laptop, blowing his cover. Essentially I did that in the hopes that Catwoman would help me out somehow, but before all that Bruce is put into one of Mr Freeze’s cryo chambers and it’s activated, slowly freezing Bruce. Luckily, he hacks his way out and makes his way to the facility where a deadly virus is being kept.

The Pact soon fall apart when confronted by Batman and Catwoman, but Harley still manages to get away with a sample of the virus. John is in the wind, while Freeze is trapped and exposed to the virus, while Bane is also captured. With Freeze’s help, Batman learns that Harley needs Riddler’s blood to work with the virus for it’s supposed healing properties and last we saw his body, it was at the Pact’s hideout where he find John who has a black eye, courtesy of Harley.

The change in dynamic between Joker (John) and Harley for the Telltale series has been nothing short of genius. We’re used to seeing Joker abuse Harley mentally and physically, but the tables are turned here and gives John some humanity as he spirals more down the path to becoming Joker for real. He figures out that Bruce is Batman and still thinks of him as a friend, but it’s a very unstable friendship that could break down if Bruce says the wrong thing.
He’s unpredictable, but he does have the potential for redemption…for how long, who can say?

The episode ends with a showdown on Gotham Bridge where Harley is threatening to blow it up, along with the virus if she doesn’t get Riddler’s blood, which was destroyed by Agency member Avesta who has been working with Bruce under Waller’s nose. Regardless of your decisions, all hell will no doubt break loose and you are left with yet another spanner thrown in the story that makes you wonder just how the season will end.

The Verdict

The penultimate episode sets up the finale perfectly and makes the wait all the tougher. We’re headed for one big showdown, that’s for sure.

Score: 9.0