PS4 Review: Air Conflicts: Vietnam

Crash and burn…

Air Conflicts: Vietnam offers a popular combination of aircraft simulator and arcade gameplay set in the midst of the Vietnam War, one of the most explosive and violent wars of all time. You are Joe Thompson, a courageous and determined pilot in the US Navy fighting for the ideals of his country. You can also take on the role of Nguyen Toon, a brave Vietnamese pilot trying to fight off the invaders in the “Lost Letters” campaign.
Air Conflicts: Vietnam is an arcade style flight game as you take on the Vietcong from the skies, I don’t know much about the war itself but the game somehow makes it seem incredibly dull and unbelievable thanks to poor voice acting and a list of other issues that really hold it back. It doesn’t help matters that the AI is laughably bad to boot, not to mention the glitchy missions.
The controls are awkward and clunky , while the framerate is all over the place and you wonder how this got on a next gen console like the PS4, when it runs like that and looks as average as it does. Simply put, Air Conflicts: Vietnam is dire to play and ugly to look at. There is an online mode which also suffers the same problems as the campaign. There’s a twist that you can play as the Vietcong in some missions, which shakes things up a bit but all in all, it’s predictable and average at best.

The Verdict

Air Conflicts: Vietnam has some good ideas floating around, but they are never executed properly thanks to poor AI, lacklustre visuals, average voice acting, glitchy missions and awkward controls. I’d steer clear of this, at least until they possibly patch the glitches and improve the framerate somehow, but even then I doubt it’d make much difference.