PS4/PS5 Review: Zombies, Aliens and Guns

Is this shooter worth your time?

Earth’s last hope against an invasion is a band of military rebels. Zombies! Aliens! Guns! Enough said.

Zombies, Aliens and Guns is a 2.5D shooter where you shoot your way through hordes of enemies to reach the end of each stage. You will follow a waypoint that takes you to collectibles that you need to pick up to move on, as well as other soldiers who you need to lure to the end of the level, but they won’t fight back and apart from one level, it doesn’t matter if they survive or not.

The controls are easy to get used to and you can play the game with a second player if you have another controller lying about. I honestly would recommend playing it 2 player since the later levels and bosses can be tough. Scattered throughout the levels are weapon packs that make your weapon stronger if you choose to keep getting the same one up to 3 times. Health packs are also on the battlefield, though both this and your ammo do resupply over time.

Besides the traditional getting from A-to-B levels, there are some that are on-rails and you don’t get to heal, but these are fairly easy and shouldn’t pose you much of a problem.  All in all, the game took me about an hour or so to beat and I did die a few times on the tougher stages, but it did give the Platinum trophy up nicely at the end in true Ratalaika fashion. There’s also a PS4 version that comes along with it, so you can nab a double Platinum if you wish.

The visuals are charming with a nice retro feel, yet looking fresher overall. The framerate never dropped and the soundtrack is impressive overall. I also didn’t encounter any glitches during my playthrough.

The Verdict

While it won’t win any awards for originality and it may not last very long and there’s no reason to come back once you’re done, but Zombies, Aliens and Guns will keep you entertained during your time.

Score: 6.5