PS4/PS5 Review: Super Chicken Jumper

Are you going to let the world be destroyed or are you a chicken?

A spy-chicken tries to save the world from doom in this runner/shooter game that has a little bit of everything with a touch of chicken and anime girls on top. Run for your life in 6 different worlds and shoot your way through tons of enemies until you become a legend.

Have you ever been played Google’s T-Rex Runner game? It’s a concept that’s been done time and time again throughout gaming, but it’s always been a brutal, yet enjoyable experience. Super Chicken Jumper takes this and adds a few other elements like weapons, bosses and even new moves like double jumps or jetpacks to reach the end of each stage. It starts out fairly easy but gets insanely difficult quickly and as with T-Rex Runner, you only get one hit and that’s it, that even includes the boss fights that will test your sanity to its limits.

Each of the worlds has different locations like a farm, the woods or even the Moon. The types of enemies do vary in both design and pattern and to make matters worse, the levels seem to be randomly generated so you cant just learn a pattern and overcome it that way. You may get lucky sometimes and get a power-up that makes the chicken giant, or you may get unlucky and grab one that either makes you small or distorted.

As with T-Rex Runner, besides enemies to jump over there are obstacles and each has their own rules. Some can be destroyed by weapons while others cannot, but the real problem is that the weapons are mostly terrible and the hit detection seems to be totally random on how forceful or what enemy/objects are actually hit, usually resulting in a quick death. The toughest challenge for me was actually the game’s Endless Mode where I had to survive a solid 60 seconds for the final trophy…this took me a good while and I think I definitely went temporarily insane after…

There is a story that actually has some decent humour in it. It definitely made me chuckle and even shake my head with genuine WTF moments. The visuals are about as simple as you can get and yet, there is an undeniable charm to them. The soundtrack is retro as you would guess, but it does a nice job overall.

The Verdict

Super Chicken Jumper is a simple, yet brutal game. It’s levels don’t give you chance to learn its pattern and the weapons can be as useful as a chocolate fireguard, but its challenge is one of the reasons you’ll keep coming back until you finish it. Simple, but effective.

Score: 7.0