PS3 Review: Twisted Metal

Does this metal still shine or has it gone to rust?

I must confess, this is my first Twisted Metal so I was expecting something pretty special, but is that what I got? The story begins with a murdering clown by the name of Sweet Tooth who shows a back-story of the “one who got away” and has been promised the girl’s location if he competes in a contest called…you guessed it, Twisted Metal. There are other characters’ stories as you progress, but his is the most interesting and for a lack of a better word, twisted.

The game itself is an arcade-style racer/deathmatch arena where you got head-to-head with rivals and try and kill them with your arsenal. The levels are massive in scale and are well designed for utter destruction against your foes and the objects around you. The single player campaign is pretty short, so it’s multiplayer where the action is and addictive it certainly is, although the control setup leaves a bit to be desired. There are 3 different types of controls, but I had trouble getting accustomed to any of them. It’s not terrible, but it does take some getting used to.

Besides the crazy weapons and health packs you find across the levels, you’ll also have to contend with traps and the difficulty barrier, which is pretty big in the single player campaign. Even during races, the AI is more focused on taking you out than beating you to the finish line, it is incredibly aggressive and the boss battles are tough contenders as well. I like the arcade style of Twisted Metal and it has tons of replay value, but it is somewhat rough around the edges.

Graphically, Twisted Metal looks dated with some ugly textures in places, although the cutscenes are very well done. Explosions and destruction effects look decent, but it’s hardly groundbreaking. The soundtrack is a great mixture of rock and metal music, although oddly including Crazy by Patsy Cline. Voice-acting is a mixed bag, but good overall.

The Verdict

Twisted Metal has a nice arcade feel to it, but the controls do take some getting used to, while the aggressive AI will overwhelm first timers and the visuals aren’t the best, but when it’s played online you will find it very difficult to put down…